Function of furniture knobs

Functie van meubelknoppen

Furniture knobs are small but important details that can change the look of a piece of furniture. Often the choice of furniture knobs is considered a detail, but it can be an important element in the overall design of the piece of furniture. In this blog we will discuss the different types of furniture knobs, their function and how they can contribute to the appearance of your furniture.

Function of furniture knobs

Furniture knobs primarily have a functional role. They make it possible to open and close furniture drawers and doors. Furniture knobs are therefore indispensable for furniture such as sideboards, cupboards, bedside tables and chests of drawers. They not only offer a practical solution, but can also contribute to the appearance of the piece of furniture.

Different types of furniture knobs

There are different types of furniture knobs that come in different materials, shapes and sizes. Some popular materials for furniture knobs are wood, metal, glass and ceramic. It is important to consider which material best suits the style of the furniture. For example, wooden furniture knobs go well with a classic, country style and glass furniture knobs can give a modern, sleek look.

The shape of the furniture knob is also important. Round buttons are the most common and go with many different styles. T-knobs have a more modern and clean look and go well with minimalist furniture. Shell-shaped knobs go well with a beach or maritime style, and flower-shaped knobs can work well in a romantic interior.

Furniture knobs as a decorative element

In addition to their functional role, furniture knobs can also add a decorative element to the piece of furniture. By choosing a certain shape, material or color of furniture knob, the style of the furniture can be enhanced. For example, furniture knobs can add a pop of color to a piece of furniture or create a subtle contrast to the rest of the piece of furniture.

Furniture knobs as an upgrade

Like furniture handles, furniture knobs can be replaced to upgrade a piece of furniture. If you want to change the look of a piece of furniture, but don't want to spend money on replacing the entire piece of furniture, new furniture knobs can be an effective and affordable solution. With new furniture knobs you can give a piece of furniture a new, fresh look without having to change the entire construction.

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